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Here is a small Introduction :)

Here is a small Introduction 🙂 You can send it over, and if someone wish’es to meet ,, I would be happy to while i am here

My Name is Rehan Allahwala, I am 41 year’s old from DehliWala Business Family from Karachi, Started my first business at the age of 8 of selling stationary in school, and computer business at age of 13 selling commodore 64 games.

I started 51+ different ventures until 4 years a go, when i ventured into converting what I know for social good, and now working on 100 business models that can be started under 300$ to start with in Pakistan and can be done 10,000 times, list of them are on Rehan.com

In this process, I also started RehanSchool.com a mobile phone based education system, RehanUniversity.com an online university program and rehanTraining.com for skill training online.

My major bread and butter come’s from my US based venture called didx.net , that I started 9 year’s a go, that sells phone numbers to phone companies, and we server hundreds of phone companies around the world with over 25,000 member telecom companies in that venture.

Here is a small introduction video about my self www.rehan.com/i

The School introduction is rehanschool.com/i

I am visiting Bay Area and would love to connect with all of you via linkedin.com/in/rehanallahwala and Facebook.com/rehan33 and would love to meet any of you if you have any interest in the work that I am doing, and you think our meeting can help you or me in any way.

Looking forward to connecting with you,

Rehan Allahwala

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