The World Passport is a document issued by the World Service Authority, a non-profit organization founded by Garry Davis in 1954, citing Article 13, Section 2, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The  World  Passport  is  a  30  page  Machine  Readable  Travel Document  (MRTD*)   with   alphanumeric  code  line ,  scanned-in passport   photo and “ghost” security paper with embedded logo, the data page laminated, in 7 languages:
English , French , Spanish , Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Esperanto.
Each  passport  is  numbered  and  each  page  contains  the  World Citizen  logo  as  background.  Two  pages  are  reserved  for  affiliate identifications : diplomatic corps, organizations ,  firms , etc .  There are nineteen visa pages. In the inside back cover , there  is  space  for home address, next of kin, doctor, employer, driving license no. and national passport/ identity  number .  The  cover   is  blue  with  gold lettering.
The World Passport is similar in appearance to a national passport or other travel document. Indeed, the appearance is so close  that  in 1974  a  criminal  case  was  lodged  against  Garry  Davis  in  France regarding his issuance of World  Passports. [3]  In  1979 , the  World Passport was a 42-page document, with a dark blue cover, and text  in   English ,  Spanish ,  French ,  Russian ,  Arabic ,  Chinese ,  and Esperanto. It contained a five-page section for medical history and a six-page section for listing organisational affiliation. The fee charged at that time was $32 and postage for a three-year passport with the possibility of two years’ extension of validity  .[4] The latest edition of the World Passport was issued January 2007. It has an embedded “ghost” photo for security, covered with a plastic film .  Its  data  page  imitates  the  format  of  a  machine – readable passport, with an alphanumeric code bar  in  the  machine – readable zone (MRS)  enabling  it  to  be  scanned  by  an  optical  reader . However, in place of a valid ISO 3166-1  alpha – 3  code  in  the  MRS “issuer” and “nationality” fields, it uses the non-standard acronym “WAS”.  According  to  the  WAS  , the  latest  version  of  the  World Passport was filed with the International Civil Aviation Organization. [5] According to the WSA website, the application fee is $45 for a three-year document, $75 for a five-year document, and $100 for an eight-year document. A “World Donor Passport” valid for fifteen years with a special cover is issued for a donation of at least $400 which, according to the WSA, is used to issue free documents to refugees and stateless persons. [6] The applicant for World Passport needs to provide as proof of his or her identity along with the application for the World Passport either a notarized certification of the details on the form, a copy of his or her national identity papers or a fingerprint of the right index finger.[6] There are known cases in which people have been able to obtain World Passports in names other than their legal names; see the section on fraudulent issuance below.

List of World Passport holders

This is a list of notable people who have been issued with World Passports. Some may have made applications for World Passports of their own volition, while others were unilaterally issued with World Passports on the initiative of the WSA.
Triston Jay Amero, American man charged with hotel bombings in Bolivia
Doug Casey, American investor; received his World Passport from Garry Davis in the 1970s, and claims to have used it to travel to Iceland, French Polynesia, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Peru
Garry Davis, WSA founder; holds World Passport No. 1, originally issued in 1954
Shani Davis, world- and Olympic-champion American speedskater[60] Youssef Majed al-Molqi, one of the hijackers of the MS Achille Lauro in 1985; acquired his World Passport in 1988[26] when he was in jail, while never used it for travel.
Jawaharlal Nehru, Indian prime minister; Garry Davis presented him with a World Passport in 1956
Kenneth O’Keefe, American peace activist; unsuccessfully attempted to use a World Passport to travel to Iraq in 2003[33] Joel Slater, Iowa man who renounced U.S. citizenship in Australia in 1987 and became stateless
William Worthy, American journalist; issued with a World Passport in 1957 while in China
Yehudi Menuhin, world renown violinist and conductor; was holder of a World Passport since 1954, received honorary World Passport from Garry Davis in 1984
Vytautas Landsbergis, first Lithuanian post Soviet president, received World Passport from Garry Davis in 1990 [65] Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th US president, was the first person to receive an honorary World Passport, and the second person after Garry Davis to be issued one. Garry Davis sent him an honorary World Passport in 1954.
Václav Havel, last president of Czechoslovakia and first president of the Czech Republic, playwright; received a World Passport from Garry Davis in 1990, during the later’s tour of post communist Eastern Europe
Edward Snowden, CIA whistleblower who leaked details of several top-secret U.S. and British government mass surveillance programs to the press; was issued a World Passport by the WSA while being stuck in the Moscow International Airport
Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, was sent an honorary World Passport by Garry Davis while in the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2012
Buck minster Fuller, architect, systems theorist, futurist and designer of the geodesic dome, received a World Passport from Garry Davis during a lecture in Philadelphia in 1956

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